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Ivc Stocks Wizard Report

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Ivc Stocks Wizard

Ivc stocks wizard time lapsed trading! want to make a billion? learn how to beat the market? trade stocks in fast motion! how? you control time! the stock prices are all in the app once you get it from the store. none of that slow "internet fetch" or "papertrading" stuff. our start time/stop time button lets you control the date, and how fast the dates and stock prices move. you can spend only nine minutes of real time, experience three months to three years of 1968 in virtual time, and maybe make billions of dollars.too bad it is only play money! this free app allows you to practice with "fun" stocks (we made them up), and it's very easy to make money. in contrast to the subsequent ivc simulations which involve real stocks with real prices on the real dates, the price swings are so dramatic that the player should be able to make billions. you can play the game an unlimited number of times with the same prices and time periods to perfect your trading technique. ivc stocks wizard teaches the player techniques for buying, selling and shorting stocks, anticipating splits and dividends, and managing positions, limit orders, stop losses and portfolios. the experienced player will come to find there are distinct patterns, which once recognized can be exploited. "the trend is your friend" is the lesson. stop time at your whim, think as long as you wish about your investments and choices. watch yourself progress from the green beginner level to bronze, silver and finally gold. enjoy! stock trading simulator for learning portfolios, positions, stock trading, risk management, splits, dividends etc. totally functional transactional engine to allow you to simulate most any stock trading situations... simulation #1, the ivc stocks wizard, lets you become a billionaire (even if it is play money)... also you'll learn stock trading and have fun !

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