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Just Like Sheep

Our sheep have lost their way and need help to get back to the barn! you will need to place objects around the field to help direct the sheep back to the barn. complete each level by getting the minimum number of sheep required back to the barn. if you used to love playing lemmings, you will love “just like sheep”. there are currently 20 levels (with stacks more planned, at no extra cost!). the levels start off easy but quickly get tough. some tips: - you can touch an object in the toolbar and then touch the place where you want to place the object or you can just drag the object to the desired place from the toolbar. you will probably find dragging is easier to get the placement right. - rocks: turn sheep left - trees: turn sheep around - scarecrows: randomly turn sheep left or right - bombs: blow sheep to bits - dogs: scatter sheep when they bark - tractors: run over sheep - water/fire/holes: not good for sheep we would love to get your feedback and are working hard to make this the best game we can. if you have any issues, problems or comments, we encourage you to send us a tweet (@roar_energy) rather than post in the appstore comments as it gives us the opportunity to get back to you directly. we are only a small shop but work hard to please! we hope you enjoy just like sheep...!

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