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Kung Fu Monk - Director'S Cut Report

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Kung Fu Monk - Director'S Cut

Kung fu monk - director's cut is a brutally challenging arcade-style side-scrolling beat-em-up, with battles against soldiers, ninjas, monsters, and ferocious bosses. take out enemies with flying kicks, body slams, and punches. fry foes with fireballs. leap over bottomless pits. slay bloodthirsty zombies in an ancient chinese graveyard, and more! supports mfi controllers and onscreen virtual d-pad. controls: - press left/right to advance/retreat - press up/down to jump/crouch - double tap left/right to run - press up while running to leap - attack while standing to throw flurry of punches - attack while pressing left/right to kick high - attack while pressing down to kick low - attack while airborne for jumping/flying kicks - attack towards opponent while close to bodyslam - hold attack one second then release for to blast foes with fireballs

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