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Nyan Pong - Cat Adventure In Space! Report

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Nyan Pong - Cat Adventure In Space!

+++ download this awesome game for free! +++ “new version of nyan cat” “gives nostalgic feeling” “save your cat form other cats” _____________________________ it is cat v/s cats. two horizontal rainbow bars are the top end and bottom of the screen. the cat has to move from top end to the bottom end and come back again at the top end. but, there’s something more. to add an obstacle, some cats will be moving left to right horizontally cutting your vertical path. you have to pass around them without getting in their contact. we all loved the cat nyan cat, and now is the time to love nyan pong. nyan pong is the perfect mixture of nyan cat and ping pong. it has got best of both the games. +++ game features +++ lovable cat panels of vibgyor old school graphic

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