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Shape The Village Lite - Interactive Introduction On Circle, Triangle And Square For Kids Report

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Shape The Village Lite - Interactive Introduction On Circle, Triangle And Square For Kids

Triangles, rectangles, and circles, everything in the village is a colorful shape! what buildings and characters can you create with these shapes? a rolling ball, stacking blocks, pointed roofs: as children grow, they become curious about - and eventually begin to recognize - all the shapes hidden in their everyday surroundings. coloring, matching, dividing and combining shapes are great activities for young learners, and will help them identify and analyze basic shapes. “shape the village” is a high-design app created to stimulate children’s imaginations while educating them about shapes. this lively village, illustrated in bright colors that draw the eye, is jam-packed with engaging characters and buildings with personality - all made up of circles, triangles and squares! 16 different activities focus on the definition, appearance, composition and distinguishing characteristics of different shapes to help 3-5 year-old children develop spatial intelligence and essential geometry skills. children will be motivated to complete each activity, helping to construct the village buildings and characters. in this village, even the trucks and gorillas have engaging faces and whimsical appeal! the easy-to-learn activities are designed so that young children can perform them without texts or tutorials. building and character rewards appear after the completion of each exercise, encouraging kids to continue and complete all the shape activities. the extra “workbook” feature suggests printable, fun-filled activities and games for parents and teachers to interact with children and help them further increase their knowledge of basic shapes in everyday lives. parents and teachers can also monitor and manage each child’s learning progress for each activity. features of “shape the village” are as follows: -16 varied activities to teach kids all about circles, triangles and squares -no need for tutorials: the app has an intuitive, child-friendly design -interactive, motivating rewards for activity completion -“day” and “night” modes: the characters sleep at night just like kids! -cooperative workbook activities with easy-to-prepare materials -supports 7 languages: english, spanish, french, german, simplified chinese, japanese and korean -supported on ipad, iphone and ipod touch (universal) welcome your child to this enchanting and colorful interactive village, where they can develop their skills while learning all the basics of circles, triangles and squares. purchase the full version to play all the activities in shape the village! ---------- as a company engaging in children's education, wisekids takes the privacy and safety of your children very seriously. we maintain and enforce high standards for all privacy concerns. this application does not: - collect personally identifiable information from children - offer or endorse in-app purchase of any sort - contain third-party advertisements - offer external links without appropriate parental gate - require sns integration ---------- check out the video trailer of this product at: http://bit.ly/shapethevillage follow us on our facebook page for more information, events and updates on our educational products. http://www.facebook.com/wisekids.global your ratings & reviews on the app store means a lot to us. help us improve our products with your feedback! also, please contact us at support@wisekids.com for any question, bug report and/or suggestion regarding our products.

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