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Dog Space Quest Pro Report

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Dog Space Quest Pro

Dog space quest pro — time for marvelous adventure has come. while great empires of the humanity continued their mortal wars between clans for ruling cities and creating massive armies, there was a dog, who loved a space. nobody knows what a hard life line he had. he was working in a farming for poor salary. children loved him, but they didn't know how he lived, what he ate. it was blind love. he had one dream – explore interstellar world. when you have a goal of your life, you need follow it. he thought that this world was too cruel for him and he made his own spaceship to jump to the space, where were no any restrictions of gravity and no limits. just him and freedom. but mysterious and unknown universe was full of floating junk and meteorites. they crashed dog's ship. what he would do now? dark, empty and cold space....but he won't give up. home, sweet home - he will find it in dog space quest pro! dog space quest pro features: discovery of terra incognita full of obstacles. meteor shower. try not to smash with them. real astronauts have their strategy. swipe left or right, maybe you need to step back or you need more energy and power. if you want to help this kawaii doggie, collect stones for your character. you are offroad driver here and even trivial things are important. use your knowledge of geometry, dash on different vectors! clash of your rivals: cats attack. who is the main enemy of dogs? right, cats. even in space, they keep vigilant watch on dogs. so, prove that you are a real dog, survive the mortal attack of cats. trivial wars will continue forever. fantasy atmosphere: ufo zone. you know who they are, aliens. they can fire with laser guns and use little meteorites as shield for their ships. use your fist of fury if you need. amazing story, you will feel the whole destiny of the character by yourself: black hole strike. my little friend, the higher is your level, the harder is your mission. black hole – nobody knows what is it there, evil or world of monsters from nightmares …. or fairytale kingdom with cute little ponies and special salons for pets. we don't know. anyway, if you get into trouble, like black hole, you will lose one life. be careful. and also giant – planets that can gulp you, comet's region and etc. superheroes like avengers have their special team and alliance to cope with something like that. but you are alone. be fast, be furious, be strong … and happy. dog space quest pro – it is game of life and epic galaxy journey with cutie pie pug!

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