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Grab It Ep3 - Monument Valley + Out There + Mines Of Mars Edition Report

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Grab It Ep3 - Monument Valley + Out There + Mines Of Mars Edition

Grab it is a fully interactive, rich media, touch-optimised digital magazine created by a veteran games journalist and dedicated to helping you find the best games available on ipad. for the full contents, press more: are you sick of scrolling through hundreds of apps wasting time and money downloading dud games? with grab it, that will never happen again. our team of expert games journalists do the leg work for you and present the most interesting, unique and fun indie ios games to hit the app store as a triple-a, interactive video games magazine. no ads. no iaps – just great gaming content. make the most of your ios gaming experience! ---------------------------------------- so what’s in episode 3 of season 1? ---------------------------------------- our highlighted game is monument valley, an astounding puzzle experience unlike any we have ever played before. we have an exclusive in-depth making of, filled with quotes direct from the developer and behind the scenes art. + our showcased games include; - monument valley - mines of mars - god of light - out there - tengami - avoid sensory overload - only one - cloudbreakers - dandelions: chain of seeds - touch force - perils of man + exclusive interviews, including; - mi-clos studios - playmous - wickeyware games - nyamyam - ustwo games + we examine the perils of advergaming + a look at the top 10 auto-runners on ipad + exclusive behind-the-scenes insights into the coming film gameloading: rise of the indies. + and all the latest in ios game news, opinions and other fun experiences grab it is an experience unlike any you have had before. imagine if reading about games was as interactive as playing a game, and you’ll have some idea of what to expect. ----------------------------------------------------- so what is grab it – the game discovery app? ----------------------------------------------------- part interactive adventure, part video games magazine and available in regular episodes, grab it was created by a 17-year veteran video games journalist who wanted to celebrate indie gaming and revolutionise digital publishing. the user-friendly experience was designed specifically for touchscreens and you can select “more from this developer” above or check out www.grabitmagazine.com to find out about the latest episode. no ads. no iaps. just great gaming content and hours of entertainment with detailed features, reviews, interviews, opinions, videos, soundtracks and more with no streaming, all integrated directly with the app store. grab it does not limit itself to region, gender, race, age or religion, and simply aspires to help its readers not only discover great fun games. so go on, grab it! ----------------------------------- what grab readers are saying: ----------------------------------- “brilliant e-zine. ios games need a champion and it looks like they have found it!” – bo jonak “i'm amazingly impressed!” – jordan “great read, beautiful presentation and outstanding interface” – crankyfranky55 “fun to navigate, informative and visually pleasing, not mention cheap for the amount of (and quality) info. grab it is a winner” – kameruka “damn this mag is good!” – gfunk1977 “so artfully designed and well-written, i can see this being the place to go to get the inside scoop on ios gaming.” – shipnabottle “i’m loving this magazine” – dole urban “finally! a games mag i enjoy reading.” – pinkist “really great experience. reminds me of the magazines of my youth, but bringing them into the present for the digital age.” – ben murch to keep up to date with the magazine and receive daily news, head to www.grabitmagazine.com

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