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Little Words 3 - Fun Synonyms Board Game Report

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Little Words 3 - Fun Synonyms Board Game

******************************************************* welcome to 3 series of little words. little words is a fun puzzle board game. this version presents synonyms. you would be shown one word and you need to guess all the synonyms present in the board. this simple game arranges synonym words in board. words are broken in tiles and randomly arranged in grid. look at the word and try to guess all the synonyms related to it. for example : small can have many synonyms little = lit + tle baby = ba +by tap the word tiles and guess the right word, if you can guess all the synonyms for given word, you win the level!! as you cross levels, word board become complex. play this simple,fun board game and check your knowledge. if you are blocked and you don't know the answer, don't give up, use the hint to guess the right answer. ******************************************************

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