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Logic Puzzle Unlimited Report

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Logic Puzzle Unlimited

Enjoy logic grid puzzles from the convenience of your iphone or ipad with logic puzzle unlimited! logic grid puzzles are a great way to exercise your brain and keep your mind sharp. these puzzles have been popular with educators and enthusiasts for many years, and now you can have these puzzles ready at your fingertips without needing an internet connection. other logic puzzle apps give you a measly 10 or 20 puzzles. logic puzzle unlimited comes bundled with 35 "4x4" puzzles and another 35 "4x5" puzzles for a whopping 70 unique puzzles! that's not all. every puzzle has been designed so that the names and solutions are randomized every time you play. it's like a new puzzle every time! this gives logic puzzle unlimited ... unlimited replay value! score points in each puzzle by solving them quickly. aim for the fastest time or the highest score! challenge yourself to get 3 stars in every puzzle! do you like interesting, exciting, and humorous back stories? we've carefully written the back stories to each puzzle so that you'll find something new in each one. in one puzzle, enemies have captured a us admiral - can you save him by figuring out which room he is locked in? or help kyra figure out which of the town's residents is a vampire or a werewolf! or help crazy cametti and his daredevil buddies see who has broken the most bones! we understand that logic puzzles are solved as much visually as they are deductively. our interface has been designed by logic puzzle lovers to let you can concentrate on solving and enjoying each puzzle rather than bemoan a clunky and confusing interface. you won't have to switch back and forth between multiple views to solve a logic puzzle. instead scroll, pan, and zoom in real-time for every puzzle. use the pencil tool to "strikethrough" any hints that are no longer useful. we believe this is the most complete, and enjoyable logic grid puzzle app on the market. if you love logic grid puzzles, we know that you'll love logic puzzle unlimited.

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