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Logic Puzzles - Classic! Report

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Logic Puzzles - Classic!

Penny dell logic puzzles are now available for the first time! these classic puzzles are for the true logic problem fanatic! try the first five puzzles for free with no ads and full functionality. four volumes are available for purchase, each with thirty unique puzzles, for hours of puzzling fun! "easy to use. i enjoy these more than the books." "i've always loved dell's logic problems and this app is just like the classics." "i found it to be incredibly intuitive and user friendly. def worth 5 stars!!!" "always enjoyed the puzzle books before...but this app is great...very challenging and fun to solve." keep your mind sharp with these stimulating logic problems that will exercise your brain muscles — a great introduction to deductive reasoning! enjoy a range of problems in every volume. no more erasing! multi-level undo and auto-x let you focus on the logic. if you get stuck, you can choose to erase errors or get a hint. zoom the grid to fit your screen - from phone size to the largest tablet. we'd like to provide puzzles in other languages too. please contact us if you know of some! quality software by egghead games. contact us with questions at support@eggheadgames.com. all puzzles copyright (c) 2014 pennydellpuzzles.com

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