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Looped Out Reloaded Report

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Looped Out Reloaded

Gluups; the cute little devils are back to consume your mind. be the witty and quick hunter you always wanted to be and plot the pattern to loop them up in your trap. move them around in the patterned loop to capture the identical gluups in loop of three or more. higher the number of variant identical gluups captured in the perfectly knitted loop; greater will be the additional points bestowed to the hunter’s score. but, things don’t come easy and especially when you have entered in the forsaken forest. these little devils have few tricks like spontaneously bursting in to flames, or turning into stone. this might be the hurdle for your quest. be the merciful hunter and prevent the gluup from dying. if you are unable to protect them, the tiles on your board are no longer useful. use the fire extinguisher to douse the flames before the gluup dies. clear the tiles quickly, and get friendly with traitor amongst them “rainbow gluups”. it will aid you clear the immovable gluups. don’t get lost and keep a watch over the running time. more bonus points, and more money will fill your score bar if succeed in allotted time. use the money to buy more supplies like the 2x card, or fire extinguishers at the shop for your expedition. don’t forget to stay connected to other hunters on game center. also keep a check who is the powerful hunter amongst your friend!

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