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3D Airport Bus And Air-Plane Simulator - Real Driving, Racing & Parking School And Car Test Drive Game Report

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3D Airport Bus And Air-Plane Simulator - Real Driving, Racing & Parking School And Car Test Drive Game

#top10 sim & racing game in over 25 countries! from the creators of trucker 3d truck simulator, construction simulation and army sim 3d, with over 2 mln combined donwloads, we are proud to present you with our newest game: 3d airport bus and plane simulator “i have tried a lot of games and this is the best one” “thank you for good sim!” with huge airport map, over 70 levels to complete 15 modes and 3 different cars and planes to unlock airport bus and plane simulator 3d is one of the most amazing and addictive free driving and parking simulation games. become an airport master in three different operations: - tow-car operator: deliver luggage to designated spots. time and precission are the key factors of your succes in this mission - bus driver: drive around the airport, collect passangers and earn stars. navigate also outside the main airport area to gather passangers from nearby hotels. - pilot: the ultimate mission set. navigate actual passenger plane around the airport, manouver to docking and starting spots. game features: ▶ entertaining & highly addictive level-based gameplay ▶ 15 different modes ▶ 3 vehicles - bus, tow-car and plane to unlock with different driving parameters and upgrades ▶ over 100 levels! ▶ leaderboards and achievements ▶ extremely realistic and huge airport map if you still hesitate please check out selected reviews from our other 3d simulator titles: ***** by “alois…” personally i like this game i would recommend it to play **** by “nate3…” this is a very good monster truck parking ***** by “adame…” i had often such games but unfortunately they were not very good ... but this game is by far the best game till now...ps great praise to the developers :)) are you ready to train and become an expert airport operator? download 3d airport bus and plane simulator!

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