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Adventure Planet - Tame, Hatch, Evolve Monster In Your Island & Pk In Arena Report

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Adventure Planet - Tame, Hatch, Evolve Monster In Your Island & Pk In Arena

Brand new adventure fighting & city-building game. boys and girls alike love to play! 5/5 love, love, love this game! 5/5 this is an awesome game. lots of fun!!! 5/5 free to play! helpful hint: when you enter the game, the king will give you 300+ gems for free! ~~~~~~~~~~ game story ~~~~~~~~~~ it's the year 2169, the earth's resources are already substantially depleted, and a brand new planet has been discovered! you are lucky enough to be the 1000th earthling to emigrate to the new planet. with the help of the immigration officer, you managed to get the kind of island that all earthlings dream of, and start your adventure... dragons, monsters, unicorn... this planet has countless magical animals that you can tame if you find them on your travels. a sinister army from earth plans to use force to subjugate all the animals. what will you do? ~~~~~~~~~~ game features ~~~~~~~~~~ ● up to 371 different magic animals, waiting for you to tame them (free) ● monster class: dragons, unicorn, dolphin, demon, golem, goblin, beast, pegasus and more... ● unique gameplay, full of exciting surprises ● original battle style! the tactics make everything interesting ● you set up your own small island and become the king ● you plow the land, produce food and upgrade buildings to have an even more beautiful island ● you can challenge global players in the arena and win lots of gems in reward ● you can tame, hatch, evolve the monster and breed new species for free ● to defend your new homeland from attack, you join forces with others to fight the sinister earth army ~~~~~~~~~~ players reviews ~~~~~~~~~~ ufo1984: it's great that all pets can be tamed for free. 5 star! usa_uncle: i like the story of this game. i want to find out what happens to earth! wwlee: there's no way you can beat me! wanna challenge me? go to the chatroom @ me, i'll wait for you in the arena! fu*k511: business, adventures, fighting, this game's amazing, i love it. loveeva: hope i can get lots more free gems, if i could just pick up a few more gem boxes on adventures, that would be amazing! emilia: i can't believe it, my friend's been playing for a month already, and i'm just getting started! ~~~~~~~~~~ contact us ~~~~~~~~~~ we've developed a really handy online customer service system: when you're playing, just click "setting > feedback" of course, we also have email customer service: ap@papabox.com

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