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Champ Man 15 Report

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Champ Man 15

Champ man 15 – set for its finest football management season • mobile football management gaming just received a major upgrade, making this our most fluid handheld game ever • our best match engine and improved tactical control • game optimisation making this the fastest champ man game ever • choose from over 440 clubs from 23 playable leagues • new social features – with facebook leaderboards to challenge your footballing friends and invite friends to earn in-game rewards the world famous football management game just received a major upgrade, with tens of thousands of real players available to sign and over 440 clubs from 23 playable leagues – it’s time to live the dream and take control of your club. nurture and develop your players, design training programmes for the team or target individuals for specific work, choose formations, give tactical instruction and then watch how all of this affects your overall team performance on match day..! champ man 15 delivers the emotion and tension of what it takes to be a real football manager – all at your fingertips.  supported languages: english, french, italian, spanish, portuguese (brazilian), russian, turkish, malay need help? have any feedback or suggestions? want your team or league to be playable? get in touch and let us know. visit us on facebook at www.facebook.com/championshipmanager follow us on twitter @champman or email us at eu-mobile-support@square-enix.com

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