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Horror Maze Escape Pro Report

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Horror Maze Escape Pro

You will be a witness of the battle between good and evil. actually you will fight with evil. surprise! do you believe that you can survive and find all keys? let’s see. rules of the game are pretty simple, like at the dress up game. find all keys, find how to get out from this dungeon maze and don’t let him catch you. but who is it - he? you can call him a fantasy creature, a monster, but for us he is an evil. and his eyes are always watching you. so, who is the hunter and who is the victim….. we will not answer this question. probably you perfectly know the answer. all right, let’s get it started. welcome to the horror maze escape, indie – horror game, that will become a nightmare for you. the only skill that you will need here is how to vanish. when everything seems to be quiet, there is always creepy things happen. and this horror abandoned place is full of scares. everywhere are walls, slenderman like notes and someone’s steps, else. do you wanna live? so, fight for your life. run little runner, run! there is no time for jumpscares here. horror maze escape will show you, that not only forest or abandoned asylum has secrets that can kill you. and if you survive, you will have a good horror story to tell for your kids at the halloween party. horror maze escape – run …. vanish … he is right behind you.

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