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Rope Hero Cat – City Spider Kitty Swinging And Flying Adventure - Game For Kids Report

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Rope Hero Cat – City Spider Kitty Swinging And Flying Adventure - Game For Kids

Swing and fly like a real rope hero! are you ready to perform an awesome city escape? download rope hero cat, an amazing addicting game for kids, swing on the "rope and fly" away to catch the next vine! swing kitty swing, “fly with ropes” and dash through the city streets! fly like a “spider man”! - a hyper fun adventure, an "arcade game for kids" and adults! - feed your pretty kitty: use the ropes to swing and fly through the city streets and get your food! - delicious chicken drumsticks are waiting for you to pick them up! - tap on the screen, hold and release to swing with ropes! - avoid the obstacles and help your “rope hero” collect all the food! - win the best score & compete with your friends! - check out who's the best at swaying and swinging in this “rope hero cat” - a fun game for kids! - amazing vivid graphics! - fast paced gameplay, a physics-based game! - a cute cartoon character – a "cute cat” with big eyes! - endless 2d side-scrolling adventure game in a never ending city! * start the epic journey now! * your new animal pet loves to swing and needs your help to collect its food! play this amazing, challenging and "addicting game" of flying with ropes and help this little ragdoll cat on its rope mission! touch the screen, hold and release to catch the next rope and try hard to avoid the obstacles or otherwise your kitty will die! download this rope hero cat swinging game for free and start the epic journey now! * catch the rope and fly! * watch your cute cat fly like a bird and “sway with ropes” in this insanely fun side-scrolling rope “adventure game”! hold and release to switch vines, sway, swivel and twirl, and make our kitten “jump and fly” with ropes in this addicting 2d platformer! prepare your fingers for a crazy joyride full of swinging and jumping over obstacles! catch the "rope and fly" from dusk till dawn – since this game is endlessly replayable you can play it, fly and swing for as long as you want! * swing kitty swing and dash through the city! * the rope hero cat will entertain all fans of spider man movies and series – will you dare to swing with a rope and will you manage to avoid and skip all the obstacles? try it out now! we assure you that this endless saga will become your favorite arcade game for kids! swing like a swinging stupendo and sway on these ropes like a real acrobat!

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