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Rpg Random Dungeon Generator Hd

Have you ever wanted to play d&d alone? or perhaps your dungeon master didn't arrive for the weekly rpg session? or maybe you dm an rpg but you want to put together a quick adventure? the rpg random dungeon generator hd uses d&d 4e monsters, traps and treasure to generate unique adventures for 1-8 characters from level 1 all the way up to level 30. the rpg random dungeon generator can be used to go through your own solo adventure or to guide a whole group of people through a random dungeon. all of the details you need are here including encounters that range from just a few goblins to a horde of demons, traps as basic as a pit trap or as daunting as a sphere of annihilation, and treasure ranging from expensive jewels to magical weapons and armor. in addition to the same great random dungeons generated on the iphone version, the ipad version includes a mini-map so you won't get lost and a handy dice roller in case you've lost your d20 or don't want to roll 3 sets of 6d6 to get 18d6. rpg random dungeon generator hd is *not a game*. it provides the adventure for running your own game. it doesn't manage combat or keep up with characters. the dice are in your hands. every roll is up to you. the random dungeon generator uses d20 4e monsters and treasure and traps from the 4e d&d manual. from the developer of dm tools: random encounters, rpg random dungeon generator hd uses the same monster tables at half the price. features: - dynamic dungeons - random monsters, traps and treasure - intelligent encounter design with leaders, front line, support and epic monsters - uses d20 4e monsters and treasure rules - supports characters from level 1 to 30 - supports solo adventures and parties of up to 8 adventurers - ipad special features: mini-map and dice roller

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