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Wrestling Manager Report

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Wrestling Manager

Note: the latest ios update has reportedly caused problems for a small number of our gamers. we are investigating the reports and we will release further updates towards the end of the year. calling spots magazine - "best wrestling app award" bleacher report - "the best there is!" wrestling manager is a management sim designed by wrestling fans for wrestling fans. hire over 500 wrestlers, managers and celebrities to make your perfect roster. sign wrestlers like 'the overtaker', cristen rage, able, batistwo, the brain family and randal norton then put on shows in famous wrestling arena's and build your wrestling empire from the ground up. unlock championships, sign tv, ppv deals and see if you can unlock the all new achievements for gaining huge ratings and becoming a billionaire. while we don't have the official wwe license, wrestling manager is the only wrestling game with mod support on ios. players can swap out the names and artwork for every character in the game just by copying files into itunes and syncing their device. the wrestling game community have really taken the game by storm and created some fantastic mod packs for it. fans of extreme warfare revenge (ewr), management of the ring, total extreme wrestling (tew) or the gm mode from old wwe titles should really enjoy this as it picks great aspects from each game and ties them together with really "easy to use, challenging to master" gameplay. any idiot can put a wrestling show on but only great wrestling promoters can be successful in wrestling manager. this is the total wrestling management package. can you build a wrestling empire?

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