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50 Blocks - Platform Game Report

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50 Blocks - Platform Game

Can you handle the 50 blocks platform game challenge? this may be the hardest physics-based platform game ever! 50 blocks and 20 levels! each block represents 1 life. the object is to complete all 20 levels without losing all of your blocks. if you complete the 20 levels and still have blocks left, you can submit your score to the global leaderboard for 50 blocks fame and legendary 50 block status! the simple graphics and outrageously tough gameplay are what put 50 blocks platform game in a league of its own! 50 blocks platform game features: • fun game • challenging play • the hardest platform game ever • global leaderboard for the winners • simple graphics and a spot on physics engine • brilliantly created and designed platform game challenge 50 blocks, 20 levels, how hard can it be? 50 blocks will challenge your platform game skills! see if you can beat you friends scores! good luck, you are going to need it!

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