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Agents Die Another Day! Report

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Agents Die Another Day!

You need super secret agent reflexes to beat this game! you have two hands but only one brain. can you beat two simple endless racing/jumping games at the same time? it's a heart-pounding test of reflexes as you try to make both of your agents jump over obstacles to stay alive. if you can handle 2, how about 3, how about 4 races… at the same time!!?? die another day! is a near impossible challenge. download it today! do you have the brain skills, and hand/eye coordination to play both agents at once!? look away = die think of something else for a second = die someone call your name = die sneeze = die blink = die game features:
 - 4 awesome game modes - simple to pick up but hard to master - tow or more endless running games… simultaneously!! - challenge your friends in game center - worldwide leaderboards the fate of the world is in your hands now. the agents must survive!! play for free now! having any problems? any suggestions? we would love to hear from you! you can reach us at facebook.com/jp.bros.gaming

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