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Air Master 3D Lite Report

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Air Master 3D Lite

----- i can honestly say i do not remember the last time i had so much fun with an iphone game. reminiscent of the classic descent series, airmaster 3d hits a home run... airmaster 3d has the best executed use of the accelerometer and on-screen controls i have encountered on the iphone... on the whole, airmaster 3d brings back the classic good vs. evil, green vs. red that is in the heart of any true gamer - theportablegamer.com air master 3d is quite a little gem hidden among the app store clutter ... clever features and nearly flawless controls - appsmile.com air master 3d is a fine addition to the sci fi flying genre. it’s one of the first games that really gave me a good sense of flying and the shooting worked perfectly. i feel like a kid all over again - appversity.com great game - dog fights can get fast paced but are still easy to keep up with - endlessly great - simple controls immersive gameplay. in seconds in was totally engrossed. - askme233 ----- you are the last air master, humanity's only hope against an unstoppable alien threat! make your way to the alien homeworld, destroying everything in your path across five planets. this is the free version of air master 3d that contains one planet and no custom level mode. full version features: -true 3d flight -tilt and rotate to fly your plane with the accelerometer -touch the screen to shoot and control your speed -procedural levels make each game different -hud with artificial horizon and enemy tracking -custom level mode lets you easily set up battles beyond the included levels air master 3d combines arcade action with the iphone's tilt controls and a 3d battlefield, for a fun and fast-paced flight combat game!

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