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Slayer Cyborg Fight Free - Smash Enemy Robots And Complete Levels Report

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Slayer Cyborg Fight Free - Smash Enemy Robots And Complete Levels

After being held captive for years, the cyborg finally breaks free from the chains that had been holding him from his freedom! now that he is loose, he must find a way to fight back against the enemies that caused him pain and suffering for a long time. in this exciting game, it is your duty to help the cyborg exact revenge. fight your enemies using your powerful arms and legs! kick them and punch them to make them pay for keeping you chained up! make sure that you collect the coins in the game area. use those coins to purchase upgrades to make the cyborg stronger. keep an eye on your energy level! for each time that an enemy hits or bites you, you lose part of your energy. to regain what you have lost, you can collect the energy released from an enemy when you defeat it. killing enemies can help fill up your powerup bar. filling that bar at a certain point allows you to do a strong jump that can kill all your enemies! however, if you fill the bar to the end, you’ll be able to activate the “power mode”. the power mode enables the cyborg to move faster and get no damage! complete all five challenging levels to win the game! features: * exciting fighting game! * five challenging levels to complete! * cool powerups to help you defeat the cyborg’s enemies! * collect coins to purchase better arms, feet, and armor for the cyborg! * energy lost can be reclaimed after killing the enemies! get a hold of this awesome game! the cyborg needs you. enjoy!

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