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Topgamez - Bionicle Maori Biomechanical Technic Edition Report

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Topgamez - Bionicle Maori Biomechanical Technic Edition

Bionicle (stylized as bionicle) is a line of construction toys created by the lego group marketed primarily for 5-to-16-year-olds. originally a sub-theme of lego's technic series, the line was initially launched in 2000 in europe and australia and 2001 in north america. over the following decade, it became one of the lego group's biggest-selling properties and helped play a part in saving the company from its financial crisis of the late 1990s. the theme was discontinued in 2010 and subsequently ""replaced"" by a successor toy line called hero factory, which featured a similar building system. hero factory ran up until 2014, when lego announced that bionicle would be relaunched as a rebooted franchise in january 2015. to accompany the sets, lego created an original story told on a vast multimedia scale that expanded as the theme continued. set in a science fantasy universe featuring part-organic, part-machine sapient beings, the story's narrative chronicles the adventures of heroic beings called toa as they fight against the many evils of their world in order to protect a widespread populace known as the matoran. while the main story was told through common mediums such as comic books, online games and films, a number of additional serials were incorporated into the saga to help expand it. a reboot of the story is set to concur with the theme's relaunch in 2015. features: • walkthrough videos • read character bios • guide on every level • cheats and tricks in level • how to get through challenge modes • manual game guide • trailer videos • and many more enjoy the game with family and friends! download this topgamez - bionicle maori biomechanical technic edition app!

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