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Alias Max Speed - Super Cop Chasing Rumble Report

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Alias Max Speed - Super Cop Chasing Rumble

***** in this game called alias max speed - super cop chasing rumble!, fight against the metro’s most notorious villains, but be sure your tires are in tip-top condition as you are going to chase and capture them one by one. take note! alias max speed - super cop chasing rumble! costs zero per play, but certain game items, which are crucial for a better gaming experience, can also be purchased. if you, however, do not want to be bothered by such feature, simply disable in-app purchases. 5/5 “the game’s graphics are topnotch!” 5/5 “alias max speed - super cop chasing rumble! is exciting as hell!” the metro has lately been hounded by crimes. you, as the town’s superhuman police officer, need to put an end to all these chaos. with your hi-tech, seamless cop automobile, run after the bad guys in full speed but with full accuracy, too—you would not want to end up in the dumps! power boosters can easily be picked up from the streets; keep both of your eyes on them all. survive minor scratches and bruises, and be sure to score a major victory! features: --free to play --awesome gameplay with interesting graphics --some of the fantastic power boosters include nitrous boost, force field, grenade and siren -- battle it out with your peers via game center and facebook integration --easy to understand instructions --challenging game play that will have you hooked for hours -- (of course) experience driving the best police car in the world

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