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Dragon Slayers - Free Archery Hd Shooter Game Report

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Dragon Slayers - Free Archery Hd Shooter Game

Ever wanted to battle the mightiest beasts that ever lived? now you can - in dragon slayers for your mobile device! the dragons has awoken and their rage has been unleashed - welcome to dragon slayers. this exciting and exhilarating 2d game is fun for the whole family and can cure boredom within seconds. aim and fire at the soaring dragons - pinning them to the rock with your arrows. how accurate is your shot? concentrate as a wave of dragons fly onto your screen - tap to shoot and eliminate the dragons one by one before they fall back down and are out of range! beware as you are on a time limit, so there is no time to waste! see how many dragons you can shoot in 30 seconds, challenge your friends to beat your highscore and see who can score the most! keep playing and improve your aim - are you a sharp shooter or a loose cannon? with colorful graphics and addictive gameplay, you won’t want to put dragon slayers down! play in the car, at home or even a 36,000 feet - dragon slayers is a fast-paced game that will leave you at the edge of your seat! aim, tap and score - slay dragons today - welcome to dragon slayers! - colorful graphics and majestic music! - 30 seconds to shoot and slay as many dragons as possible! - earn 100 points for every dragon slayed! - easy to pick up control scheme: just tap to shoot!

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