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Gurk Iii - The 8-Bit Rpg Report

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Gurk Iii - The 8-Bit Rpg

Old-school rpg fans, rejoice! gurk iii is here and it is a lovingly-crafted game in the style of the great 8-bit rpgs of the 1980s. the crisply-pixelated icons, the painstakingly-emulated analog synth music, the hack'n'slash ethos, it's all here! the gameplay and interface are simple, but the world is large and the tactics run deep. roll stats for three heroes chosen from nine character classes, then explore a world with vast wildernesses, 50+ dungeon levels, 125+ creatures and 200+ unique items, all accompanied by a soundtrack of 20 original songs, scored in 8-bit synth emulators. why, this ain't your parents' rpg, it's your grandparents'! "there will be pixels" (note: in case you are looking, the earlier gurks i & ii are not available for ios)

TagsAdventure Role Playing Games

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