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Hunting Shark 3D Report

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Hunting Shark 3D

Summer ― this word means so much to those who come to the beach to swim in the ocean and laze under the rays of the sun. but to the hunting shark, the meaning is so much different. bikinis, beach volleyball, and refreshing cocktails mean nothing to it. who would have thought this holiday would turn into a bloody massacre? nobody can recall when everything went wrong... in a split second, the surface of the ocean turned red. those who survived ran away in panic, scattering their things on the sand. one young man remembered having seen a big blue fin coming closer to the coastline. now they know: the hunting shark has opened the summer season. how to play hunting shark 3d: find out what it feels like to be the most dangerous predator in the ocean: swim and explore the ocean. feed on humans and other fish to keep your energy indicator full. earn coins to make purchases in our shop and unlock new abilities. use the joystick and swipe to choose direction. the hunting shark will swallow everything on its way automatically. have fun spreading chaos! hunting shark 3d features: * breath-taking game with amazing plot! * intuitive control: just swipe the up, down, left, and right! * picturesque 3d graphics! * great survival challenge! * enjoy in-app purchases and unlock more options! hunting shark 3d ― show humans who's the boss in the ocean!

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