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Slippery Seal Free Report

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Slippery Seal Free

Try slippery seal for free! with this exclusive lite version of slippery seal you can try out the first two levels! help slippery the harbor seal swim from san francisco to alaska in this side-scrolling adventure from rock out apps! with your help, slippery is sure to find all the yummy clams a young seal needs on the journey home! but watch out, the other citizens of the sea are hungry too. fortunately, slippery can fend off any creatures looking for a meal by shooting pearls from his mouth. do you have what it takes to make it a safe journey for slippery? features ★swim, jump, and eat your way through 2 beautiful pacific-coast locales on your journey! (10 exciting levels included with the full version) ★shoot pearls to defeat enemies! ★race against the clock to eat as many clams as possible! ★perform acrobatics with the flick of a finger! ★share your scores with friends on facebook! ★compete for high scores on the global leaderboards! (available only in full version)

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