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Slippery Slopes

Newton: can you help me fly? you: how could i help a turtle fly? ✔ easy to play, but tricky to master ✔ addictive time wasting fun at its best ✔ 18 unique courses ✔ varying slope sizes ✔ complete level challenges ✔ complete skill challenges ✔ win gifts to help on the slopes ✔ improve newton’s statistics ✔ earn achievements ✔ game center leader boards newton wants nothing more than to compete in the annual event known to turtles around the world as the slippery slopes rally. he is still too young to compete in the rally, but the training slopes are open to all, and he has a lot to learn. this is where you come in. having that special touch might not be enough, so adjust newton’s dive speed one way to help complete some challenges, or another way to complete other challenges. keep your strategy secret as you rise on the leader boards of game center. you may need to adjust your skill stars from time to time. the choices are yours, and newton is depending on your skill and strategy as he trains on the slippery slopes.

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