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Town Raiders 3D Report

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Town Raiders 3D

*** buy now! and free upgrades *** the town raiders is a full 3d survival shooter for the iphone and ipod touch. in the peaceful town of moai, the beautiful town with the trees and the bushes, the villagers hunt and cut the woods for the living.... suddenly, the naive town raiders came to this town, and threatened the villagers! the raiders are dumb, ignorant, easily tempered, but dangerous! now the villagers are in fury, and they tries to hunt down the raiders fast for the peace of their town again! your job is to help the raiders to wipe out the villagers with their unique and powerful weapons and conquer the town! main features: -control the raiders with two virtual joysticks; the left joystick for movement and the right joystick for firing. -three characters with unique weapons to play! - mady, the bomber! - rody, the sniper! - woody, the machine gunner! -level up system to increase your raider's stat! -many customizable game mode - rainbow mode - wind mode - item mode - boss mode - 7 different item to power up your character during the game! - fast move item - let your raider to move faster! - fast shoot item - increases your raider's firing rate! - big shoot item - increase your raider's ammo size! - multi shot item - shoot triple shots! - god mode item - makes your raider invulnerable! - invisible mode item - makes your raider invisible from the villagers!(but watch out! your raider will get damaged when contacted with the villagers!) - health item - heal your raiders! -the full 3d moai town rendered in the beautiful pastel style! -completed the map with bushes, trees and rocks randomly generated to make feel like new map every time, you play! -the villagers come in 3 different shapes and 3 different sizes: the moai, human, and ghost in small, medium, and large size, and watch out for the village headmans, who dash faster than the others! they will hunt the raiders down fast! for technical support or any inquiries about the game, please email pandd@embryoproject.com. coming up in next episode: -new playable maps! -new items! -new mode! -raise your honor on the online ranking system with your best scores and talk about it using the built-in chat. -many other features, fixes and more – stay up to date at http://www.townraiders.com

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