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Blackjack Expert

Play blackjack with advanced casino options and learn to count cards at the same time! blackjack expert teaches you card counting techniques while playing against the computer, or using one its many training modes. this is a professional blackjack training package, containing everything you need to go from beginner to seasoned card counting expert. blackjack expert is a game simulator and testing tool combined in one easy-to-use program. as you play blackjack, your decisions are tested: actions, index plays, bet sizes, and insurance. the software is packed with advanced features for mastering every aspect of blackjack card counting. whether you're just looking for a great blackjack game or looking to learn card counting techniques, blackjack expert is the fastest way to improve your game. card counting can give you a statistical edge over the casino. features: - 11 unique training modes with configurable options. every feature and mode found in blackjack mentor is also included in blackjack expert. - play mode: play blackjack against the computer, while your decisions are checked along the way. test yourself on the correct bets, actions, index plays and insurance. - drill mode: random blackjack hands are displayed, and you have to pick the correct action. the program remembers which ones you get right or wrong, and tends to pick the ones you are having the most problems with. add count values to help master index play deviations as well. - table mode: view all of the basic strategy plays. the hands are broken up into hard hands from 8 to 16, soft hands from ace-2 to ace-9, and all pairs. you can select specific hands to be tested on, and view your error statistics from drill mode. - memorize mode: displays an empty blackjack strategy table and let's you fill in the correct plays one cell at a time. if you get the action wrong, it tells you and marks the error. - count mode: configurable count-down deck drills help you track the count quickly and correctly without errors. many user options to setup your training, such as timed or untimed drills, test for bets, number of cards, table or hands display. - rules mode: choose from a wide range of blackjack rules for das/nodas, s17/h17, surrender, enhc, number of decks, and double restrictions. a matching optimal basic strategy table is automatically selected for you. 144 built-in action tables ready for you to use. select a count system and game rules, and the matching action and index tables are selected automatically. - action mode: create or modify your own action table. includes all of the obs strategy tables for the speed count system, and 144 built-in action tables for every common rule-set variation. - index mode: specify index sets containing play deviations for different hand combinations, based on the system count. several basic index sets for different count systems are included, or create your own. - count systems: use any of the included count systems: high-low, ko, speed count, uston ace-five, uston advanced, and more. or, create and edit your own count systems. supports multi-level counts, fractional count values, red/black card assignments, balanced systems, unbalanced systems: everything for professional card counters and novices alike. - add-on databases: extra count systems are available as in-app purchases. the complete high-low system with all index sets, omegaii level 2 advanced, and hiopti are available. - help mode: all the rules of blackjack, an introduction to card counting, and detailed documentation on the program, presented in a rich web browsing format. everything you need to know to play perfect blackjack. context sensitive help is available in most windows to help you immediately with any feature. blackjack expert for iphone includes every feature found in mentor, counter and expert for our other platforms: everything you need to master card counting in one program!

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