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Blackjack Teacher +Hd Report

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Blackjack Teacher +Hd

Want to make money at the casino? have blackjack teacher show you how. [[ also check out our ipad multi-hand blackjack game (multi-hand blackjack hd) where you can play up to 28 hands at a time - now on sale!!! ]] [[ also check out our new game spanish 21 multi-hand with 28 hand play ]] tweet us: http://twitter.com/pepperdogsoft -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= learn basic strategy with "blackjack teacher", or learn to count cards with "blackjack teacher pro" also @ the appstore. blackjack teacher will help you memorize and use bet charts to better your odds at a casino while playing blackjack. in conjunction with our ipod/iphone multi-hand blackjack game "blackjack 3-hand edition" already on the appstore you should be able to master the table and bring home the cash (with lady luck on your side of course!). features include: 1) configurable bet charts (ac or vegas w/o surrender & double) 2) practice mode with stats and finger gestures mimicking casino actions, helping you memorize the bet chart you need. 3) small and large bet charts that you can use in casino's that allow it. 4) runs in hd on the ipad -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- also available on the appstore is "blackjack teacher pro", which will teach you how to maximize you odds at the casino. it does so by teaching you how to count cards, including the true count and how to use it to alter your strategy when betting and playing hands. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- also try our other games: sic bo, num fight and box run.

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