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Block Clans - 3D Pixel Survival Fps & Tps Gun Shooter Game Report

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Block Clans - 3D Pixel Survival Fps & Tps Gun Shooter Game

Block clans is a fast open world action-adventure in third-person shooter style. block clans takes a bold new direction in open-world freedom, storyline and mission-based gameplay. interact with the world at your leisure or advance by taking out the enemy gangs in each area to unlock more of the massive city. block clans allows you to explore a massive city, complete missions and advance further. enter buildings, high rise skyscrapers, ship docks, boats, deserts, mountains and castles. each gang controls a different area of the city. approach each with a different strategic play. story: you take on the roll of victor monenski. a russian assassin agent sent to take out the cartels who have taken control of the city. accept the mission to kill all the gangs and clans. stay away from the cops, they are corrupt and dangerous and protected by the swat. play smart, with long distance sniper rifles or enter a heated battle with machine guns, pistols and uzi's. features: • vehicles to use in game, cars, planes, bikes, boats and much more • great choice of weapons, machine guns, semi automatics, pistols, sniper rifles and more • huge world to explore and takeover. enter buildings, boats, castles, underground subways and all areas of the city • mission code to kill all the gangs and take back the city • gangs, citizens, police and swat • get away and hide from gangs till the heat dies down • universal device support for iphone, ipod touch and ipad • amazing action-adventure gameplay in tps • 5 cameras in total. 4 new cameras added • no in-app purchases feedback: we are committed to providing regular updates for block clans with new features and user requests. we love hearing from our players. we’re constantly working to create the best experience possible and appreciate all your comments to improve the game. email: info@imagineink.co.uk • performance may vary depending on device and firmware version. always update game and device to latest version through apple app store, for the best performance.

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