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Triangle Tap

Triangle tap is an engaging game of 100 puzzles in which you tap to move the triangles for creating beautiful shapes. get triangle tap and flex those memory muscles. it's a fun game that trains your brain for speed and memory. game features: ================ *simple and engaging yet innovative puzzle-mechanics. *100 puzzles of varying difficulty levels. *10 beautiful collections in vibrant colors. *the preview mode - to assist you while you recreate the shapes. *the progress meter- to show your progress in the puzzle. *complete a puzzle with 1, 2, or 3 stars - return to better your score. *300 stars to be won as accomplishments. *compete with your friends with speed and skill - post your high score to the game center *puzzles graded as “rookie”, “amateur”, and “pro” how to play? ============== your goal in triangle tap is to move the triangles around on the board and recreate the shape. the shape to be created is displayed in a preview window. to recreate the shape, identify the triangle that you want to move to a specific place. first tap the triangle that you want to move and then tap the empty place where you want to move the piece. while you play, the progress-bar at the top continues to update your progress in the game. tips: ====== *to improve concentration and speed, play with the preview window on. *to enhance memory, hide the preview window intermittently, and try to build the image from memory. you will notice that over time, you keep the preview window hidden for longer durations. note: remember that all puzzles are re-playable. so whether you play for fun or for becoming faster and smarter, replay your favorite puzzles time to time. playing with the same puzzle again is always a experience because of the random scrambling of the triangles. who is this puzzle for? ========================== it's for - *those who love picture/shape puzzles just for the fun of solving them. *those who want to keep their minds sharp and their memories strong. *those who want their kids to sharpen their minds while they play. download triangle tap if you like playing games such as tangrams, mahjong, jigsaw and other shape or picture making puzzles. ---------------------triangle tap----------------------- now if you love jigsaw puzzles, but soon found them a bore. and you've tried tangrams but they don't excite you anymore. here's a mind-teasing puzzle set to challenge you, complete with colored triangles, let me give you a clue. the triangles form lots of shapes that you're sure to see. but those shapes all dissolve at the count of just three. just tap to move each triangle so you can rebuild. the shape that you saw with the correct spaces filled. to gain a high score, put on your thinking cap. in the app store just look for the triangle tap. -------------------------------------------------------

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