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Drop The Chicken 2

Thanks to all our 6 million fans! grab it while its hot! step right up! drop the chicken 2 is a super cool, fully animated, addictive and challenging puzzle game. this sequel has been built over 2 years by 2 really dedicated guys with fancy hair and is exclusive to ios. the story our hero 'chuck the chicken' has been captured by the circus's evil monkey ring master and he must perform his way through each of the levels to win his girlfriend back. your mission your mission is to cunningly plan chucks journey to the dive pool while catching all the bugs along the way. drag the acrobatic tools into place, swipe the switch and watch chuck bounce off elephants, shoot out of cannons, do a trapeze act with monkey's and fly around the levels like a master acrobat. use a host of awesome new tools and animated circus characters in your effort to solve the levels and save chuck and his girlfriend! think before you drop and be sure to avoid the bombs, fire torches, lions and unicycle-riding, juggling bears along the way. it's not going to be easy! this is one of the most challenging and hilarious puzzle games on the app store. there is no time limit, just awesome puzzles and weeks of entertainment! key features • exclusive to ios and apple • 100 tricky puzzle levels over 5 stages with more soon to come • 5 bonus levels & hidden easter eggs • game center, leaderboards & stacks of achievements • universal: iphone™ 4, 5, 6, 6plus & ipad™ cross compatible • great for all ages, easy to learn • very addictive, brain training game play • in-game 'helping hands' in case you get super stuck • do awesome dives & huge splashes • really challenging & great fun • absolutely no ads and no restricting iap's. this is a premium game title and we care about our fans. bonus levels finish all the levels in a stage to open the bonus levels where chuck has the chance to have a feeding frenzy and gain some valuable extra points. unique certificate of achievement finish all the stages and levels, and receive a free 'certificate of achievement' with your name and score and go onto the ‘drop master’ leader board. drop the chicken 1's success • 5.5 million users globally across all devices • reached the no.1 puzzle game position in 102 countries and the no.1 app overall in 11 countries what's the world saying about drop the chicken "...we can definitely agree that this game is a true success." ipwngames "...bound to be a classic... oozing with charm, awesome graphics and fun game play... amazing value for money with many levels. well crafted game with highly polished presentation..." heath & heather "... probably my favorite puzzle game, it's earned it's spot on my home screen..." nziphone.com "after playing drop the chicken for a few minutes, i can definitely see another game of the avian variety within the top 5..." appta.co "...now don’t go thinking this game is just another knockoff or clone, it most certainly is not... drop the chicken is more about a predetermined strategy..." app discover check out the full promo video, how to play videos and game tips www.dropthechicken.com for more info. https://youtu.be/fphtpjzmw20 ... we hope you enjoy the game!!!

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