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Dungeon Masters

Remake of the classic dungeon master game ** this game uses multi-touch. to put an item into inventory, touch the item to select, then using another finger select the hero you wish to put into inventory. dungeon masters is a real time 3d classic dungeon crawler. you must resurrect up to four deceased heroes from the hall of champions, and lead them through the dungeon to find the firestaff, a weapon capable of defeating the dark lord. dungeon masters is viewed through your eyes, and most of the actions are in real time and based on touch based interactions. if an item is on the floor, you can just touch on it, pick it up. to place an item into a character's inventory use one finger to hold the item and another to select the character character, then drop it in one of the character's inventory. each champion has different sets of skills and abilities described as 'classes' (warrior, ninja, magician and priest) dungeon masters doesn't feature traditional experience points, and training is at the core of the gameplay. fighting and magic both require practice, and the more an ability is used, the more it improves. dungeon masters spells are cast by using runes, and these powerful magic symbols need to be combined into words to trigger the desired incantation, such as fireballs, magic potions or armful gas clouds. finally, fighting is completely integrated in real time. in dungeon masters monsters wander around the dungeon as the player moves about, and only attack the team when in range (or in sight). remember in dungeon masters enemies can attack from any direction, and the party can run away, as long as the player has planned an escape route.

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