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Dynasty Duck Shot - Bye Bye Bird Report

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Dynasty Duck Shot - Bye Bye Bird

For all the shoot em’ up fans, you will enjoy dynasty duck shot – bye bye happy flappy bird! tired of flip, flap, flop, floppy, happy, flappy bird, show your revenge! free app! three different modes of play with dynasty duck shot and arcade shooter. enjoy fast paced shooting of ducks, bonus crows and target ducks with three different weapons and three retro-inspired scenes! dynasty duck shot – bye bye happy flappy bird features: •3 modes of play- duck shot pond and marsh scenes, and arcade shooter •3 weapons- shotgun, pistol, squirt gun •shoot the ducks, finger is the weapon •variety of ducks •bonus points for black crows and target ducks •hunter flushes out ducks •automatic ammo reload •seek revenge on flip, flop, flap, floppy, happy, flappy bird •ducks fly erratically as levels progress •endless game play, if you have the skills •saved best score •easy, challenging, and fun for all ages! free app!

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