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Monkey Math - Jetpack Adventure Report

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Monkey Math - Jetpack Adventure

Your mission: beat the evil rogue, mean monkey, to banana cradle and return the stolen ancient treasures to their rightful place. you are embarking on a dangerous journey and only your math skills can save you from the nasty obstacles that lie in your way. use numbers as your ammo - but you must be quick! travel to the enchanted islands of arithmetics and test your skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. every equation you solve brings you closer to victory. making math fun for kids and grownups alike, monkey math - jetpack adventure features: - 65 levels across addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division - conquer new obstacles in every level - collect coins to buy additional outfits with special powers - heaps of unique background sceneries, in beautiful and vibrant graphics - animated comic strip at the end of each stage - correct answer is revealed after multiple failed attempts - levels become progressively harder so players advance at their own pace download monkey math - jetpack adventure once and play it on the iphone, ipod touch and ipad. available in multiple languages, including: english, french, german, italian, spanish, japanese, chinese, korean, swedish, russian, portuguese, dutch, norwegian and danish. -------------- connect with us! visit us: http://www.giggleup.com like us: facebook.com/giggleupapps follow us: twitter.com/giggleupapps email us: support@giggleup.com brought to you by giggleup, creators of the award-winning interactive telling time and other educational apps for kids. our goal is to promote learning through play with the purpose of helping children develop useful learning skills. our apps have been enjoyed by children and used in classrooms all around the world!

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