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Prime Barrier Report

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Prime Barrier

Backstory: rumor has it that many riches exist beyond the prime barrier. queen apoidea, in need of shinny things, requested a volunteer to enter the prime barrier. as a part of the queens trusted circle, you stepped forward and plunged into the darkness hoping you can collect as many riches as possible for your queen. best of luck sir galeam! watch out for enemies of the queen, they may heave fireballs at you! controls: • tap on a rock to jump. you can move to any nearby rock but never diagonally. • tap on the rock you are standing on to duck down. tap again to stand up. • tap on the player to jump straight up. • tap the pause button located in the lower-right to pause the game. goal: collect as many items as possible without getting hit by incoming fireballs. some items are worth more than others; pay attention to figure out which items are more valuable. get more points for collecting items quicker. items will disappear if you do not collect them fast enough. settings: • music volume – set the volume of the background music; or mute it entirely. • effects volume – set the volume of the sound effects; or mute them entirely. • skill – normal, advanced, or expert. test your skills.

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