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Trivial Quiz

20% luck, 80% knowlege, 150% fun trivial quiz has a selection of over 3500 questions, where only the interesting ones were selected. you can play in solo mode, trying to improve your scores or, fight, race and compete against the ai. you even get a chance to team up with the ai to defeat a common enemy. you can also invite a friend and challenge him/her for a fight, a race, to check who’s the better general knowledge or team up with him/her and try to defeat a common opponent. main features . no in-app purchases, one price, 100% game! . more than 3500 selected question (with a lot more to come) . no repeated questions until you answer all in database . all the quiz categories in a big pool of questions . no country specific related questions . great graphics and nice sound effects . 8 game modes for single player: 3 solo, 4 against the ai and one cooperative with the ai . 4 game modes for two players, to play against a friend (using same device) . original and refreshing game modes . keep track of your results: wins, defeats, best scores, grades… . endless fun

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