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Gold Miner Deluxe Hd - Fun Game For Tet Vietnamese New Year With 100 Full Levels Report

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Gold Miner Deluxe Hd - Fun Game For Tet Vietnamese New Year With 100 Full Levels

*** attention: these scary savings will make you scream we have decided to offer a huge 100% discount for this beautiful and addictive game for coming year end holiday. click install to get it now before the promotion ends like flappy bird *** a new year is coming and a new game for this occasion now is here with a lot of fun and...gold!!! are you looking for a game to play in tet? do you want a game that you can play while bathing? or are you a fan of games, like “gold miner deluxe”, “pin ball, plunk ball”, or “feed hungry santa claus minion”? nothing’s better than a good game for a new year, and with that spirit, we are bringing to you a new version of the game “clash of viking gods - save viking cruises in danger range of caribbean pirates”. its name is “gold miner deluxe hd - fun game for tet vietnamese new year!” the new game doesn’t only remain the best things of the previous one, but also have some improvements as a present for the vietnamese traditional festival. features: - easy to play with the controller on screen - beautiful tet graphic - super cool sound effects - with 100 levels, they are enough to challenge your nerve completely! - you need a seat for this game because you will stick with it for hours! how to play: - use the controller on screen to lead your little miner to the victory - collect all gold to unlock the following level - to defeat huge moles and mice, you can stamp on their head or throw objects to them. - your game will be reset if you die. contact us: if you are already or become a fan of this game, “like” us on our facebook or visit our website for the latest news: http://www.facebook.com/supercoolappteam http://www.bestappsforphone.com last, but not least, thank you for your playing!!! super cool app team * legal disclaimer: any content, including but not limited to, images, text, sound bytes, phrases, logos, names, titles, not owned by super cool app team belongs to their respected owners. we do not take credit nor claim to take credit for any of said content. any content used is used at a fan-base stand point. we simply provide free positive advertising. if you for any reason own content produced by super cool app team and do not wish to receive, no-obligation, free advertising to your fans, contact us immediately with the proper documentation to prove the material is yours and we will remove it upon request. if you want specific credit like your name/website/business/etc to be advertised we will do that as well. there is no need to take legal action, we will respect the owners wishes, just contact us first. any content used without permission does follow under sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law title 17, u. s. code. fair use section 107 document fl-102, however we respect our users and producers therefore we will remove it upon request like stated above. all content not owned by super cool app team belongs to their respected owners. support them in any way you can. this application is not an officially licensed product and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. this application is an unofficial fan based application.

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