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An Official Neon Rush Hd Pro - 3D Super Hero Run Game Report

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An Official Neon Rush Hd Pro - 3D Super Hero Run Game

Whats it like to be a superhero? whats it like to chase down and catch the bad guys in the crazy metro streets? find out now in an official neon rush hd - 3d super hero run game. the futuristic design gives it a dark, but interesting ambience.★★★★★ it will remind you of the times you pretended to be a superhero except this one can be done anywhere... for all ages.★★★★★ set in the futuristic time of 2430, you play the role of a motorbike-riding super hero who speeds the streets of a crime-filled city. while your intentions may be for good, apparently, the bad guys dont think so. embark on a tech-filled ultramodern adventure as you ride your innovative motor bike and chase down the crime-makers and evil-doers of your city. be careful, though, as they wont be so easy to deal with. you may have to use several methods to catch them and bring them down. dont worry, though, because as far as weaponry and armors go, weve got that covered. features: - three different playable characters - easy to understand instructions - challenging game play that will have you hooked for hours - high-tech and futuristic design and interface - compete with friends through leader boards with facebook and game center integration - in-game items to help you through levels and increase scores as well as game possibilites

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