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Soul Captor 狩神伝 Report

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Soul Captor 狩神伝

Find the monsters that hides around your and capture their souls! this is a secret seldom known to most – monsters from the east are hidden and lurk around you. they enjoy making troubles and playing tricks on the public. now, the public have a way to fight back! take up your iphone, turn on your camera and their presence will be reveal! defeat them and capture their souls! all monsters’ habits are different; appear in different time and hidden in different places. up to hundreds of monsters waiting to be discovered, capture and collect. soul captor iphone have 10s of hours of gameplay and you can level up your characters to maximum of 99 levels! users can experience the fun that augmented reality (ar) can bring in rpg. join the fun with your iphone in “soul captor iphone” and capture monsters from the east! collect total of 117 monsters and seal them in your soulpedia handbook. upgrade your character to level 99 and armors and weapons will special effects! all can be found in the adventure of soul captor iphone! soul captor iphone will use your location as a reference, so to make sure the game functions correctly, don’t forget to turn on your “location service”. * this version does not include virtual item exchange feature. the exchange feature is only available for online game in taiwan and hong kong.

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