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Twister Tap

Twister tap. a new spin on the classic twister ® game. tap the correct color in the bottom row of dots. the spinner determines which color to aim for. keep tapping that color till you reach the next spin. with each spin, you may win a power-up. power-ups include 2x and 3x point multipliers, a freeze that temporarily pauses the clock, and a dash that automatically advances you to the next spin. give it a whirl! how to play ------------------------ 1) tap the correct color 2) spin for power-ups 3) tap till your time is up game features ---------------------------- • endless gameplay • classic twister fun • game center leaderboards • friend challenges • clean, contemporary look • awesome sound effects what are you waiting for? take twister tap for a spin. >>> install twister tap today! __________________________ twister tap is brought to you by backflip studios in partnership with hasbro, inc. backflip studios makes absurdly fun mobile games like paper toss, ninjump, dragonvale, dwarven den, army of darkness defense, ragdoll blaster & more. search the app store for "backflip studios" to see all our games. follow @backflipstudios on twitter for game announcements and other updates. twister ® is a registered trademark of hasbro, inc. thanks for playing!

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