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Twongue Twister: Drinking Game Report

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Twongue Twister: Drinking Game

Twongue twister is a simple concept...hit "next" and try to say the tongue twister before time expires. get it wrong...punishment drink. get it right...pass the phone along. to add to the hilarity of this addictive game, solve a dispute or relive a freudian slip with the automatic record/playback feature.i promise you will laugh playing this game whether its by yourself (guilty) or with a circle of 100 friends. *subcue calls twongue twister "one of the most underrated drinking games in the store" features: - over 300 difficult and hilarious tongue twisters picked at random. - countdown clock for a time limit, customized for each twister. - **this is crucial** automatically records every tongue twister attempt for instant replay to solve a dispute or laugh again. getting this app for your next party is easier than saying "we're real rear wheels" 10 times fast. *ipod touch users - the record playback feature is disabled due to microphone not present on many of the devices.

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