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Brick Pop

Iphone 5 retina display support! what is the most interesting game? what can let you enjoy the endless leisure? of course this brick pop! this addictive brick pop brings you the unparalleled feelings you have ever experienced. and it is very easy to play----just tap your finger, then the bricks will be broken. boost your fun with breaking more bricks and multipliers. break as many as you can to reach higher score. challenge your friends to beat your highest score. own the top spot on your daily leader board. fill your stats to become the ultimate brick pop master and earn bragging rights galore. ===================================== how to play: - just tap two or more bricks of the same color. - there is no time limit, but each stage has target points to proceed to next stage. ===================================== tips on scoring: - remember just two rules below: 1. the more bricks you break, the more score you get 2. try to clear all bricks, which brings you a lot bonus. example of rule 1 (formula: score = bricks * bricks * 5) 2 bricks = 20 3 bricks = 45... ... example of rule 2 (formula: bonus = 2000 - bricks * bricks * 20) 10 bricks left = 0 9 bricks left = 380 ... all bricks cleared = 2000

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