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Combatdeck: Dungeon Master Edition Report

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Combatdeck: Dungeon Master Edition

Ready for combat? combatdeck: dungeon master edition is a mobile character dashboard for your dungeons & dragons® encounters. calculate hit points and track vital player and non-player information during the heat of battle. combatdeck: dungeon master edition enhances the role-playing experience for games such as dungeons & dragons®, 4th edition. it makes your game preparations faster and easier, helping to provide a more engaging gameplay experience. encounter decks - quickly prepare all of your player and non-player cards for multiple encounters. easily distinguish between player and non-player cards. sort and re-sort your encounter decks by initiative. character dashboards - know what's important at a single glance as you shuffle through the combatdeck of players and non-players. effects and conditions - track conditions, resistances, and ongoing damage. hit point calculator - play faster while getting the math done quickly. dungeons & dragons® is a registered trademark of wizards of the coast, inc., registered in the u.s. and other countries. none of these products or organizations are affiliated with combatdeck or its parent company.

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