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Mr.Raindrop - Second Life Report

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Mr.Raindrop - Second Life

Mr. raindrop is a casual puzzle game full of fun. by tapping the screen, mr. raindrop can leap from one flywheel to another, avoid the pursuit of sewage from behind and reach its destination. there will be a random number of drip drops waiting in your process of leaping. collect all of them along the way and get the three-star ranking! mr. raindrop was an ordinary drip drop living in the sky just like the others. one day, he fell on the ground as a result of raining and rolled into a gutter by accident. its lovely appearance soon drew the attention of villain sewage. now in a panic, mr. raindrop is leaping from one pulley to another along the way to escape. with the pursuit of sewage from behind, mr. raindrop is in desperate need of your help! there are three levels available in the current version, namely the sewage, the smoky street and the candy shop. in each level, you can see different flywheels and pulleys that revolve in different scene styles. you can enter the next level only after you have gone through the former one! complete every level, and you will have fun and witness the colorful world of wheels! do mr. raindrop a favor and help him to get a second life again! ------------------------------- mr. raindrop functions: • easy to learn and use with increasing levels of difficulty • 72 levels spread over 3 worlds! • new levels coming soon -------------------------------

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