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Puz-Zen-Le The Zen Puzzle Game Report

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Puz-Zen-Le The Zen Puzzle Game

Puz-zen-le a zen game for mobile devices. how would you like a fun, addicting game for your mobile device that not only entertains for hours but also relaxes you at the same time? are you tired of playing those type games that only leave you frustrated, angry and tense every time you play? if you answered yes to the above i am happy to say that puz-zen-le is absolutely perfect for you... think of it as the meditation, puzzle, strategy app. not only is this app beautiful to look at but it is extremely enjoyable to play and offers a new zen challenge every time. the game play is super easy and offers an endless number of puzzles for you to relax and enjoy. to play you simply touch and drag each of the golden nodes into the best positions so that the rope overlays the center of each of the lotus flowers. lotus flower will light up indicating that the rope is properly centered. once the ropes connect each lotus flower correctly a new zen puzzle will appear. every zen puzzle is different but the game play is always the same… (: pu-zen-le is the only app that proves that meditating and getting yourself centered can be loads of fun as well as super addicting. treat yourself as well as your mobile device to something unique and different. you deserve it…. act now and get it for only $0.99 hurry before the price goes up!

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