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Space Pizza Delivery Man Paid : Lone Star Nimble Flight Order Report

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Space Pizza Delivery Man Paid : Lone Star Nimble Flight Order

Pizza delivery! travel around the universe delivering those pizza on time. space pizza delivery man lone star nimble flight order started when they get their flight permit to deliver pizza outside the universe. imagine not only humans get addictive to pizza but also aliens that are uncharted. find your way out to deliver those pizza without getting caught by those unwanted obstacles along the way. space pizza delivery man is a fast paced endless flying and shooting game where you have to destroy all incoming enemies and avoid getting killed. enemies can vary from evil aliens, asteroids to unidentified flying object in space to get those pizza’s as they can. use your space gun to destroy all obstacles that are along the way and get those limited power ups that are starting around the universe to boost your rockets and deliver those pizza on time.

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